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September 25th, 2014

The Luksim Dispatch - an irregularly illustrated newsletter from Luke Séguin-Magee

Finally – after getting used to being a freelancer again – I’ve embraced my old dusty blog and my sketchbooks and started putting together words and doodles to make a newsletter.

Why a newsletter?

I’m an avid newsletter subscriber.
I get way more mail than I have a need for, but I love getting stuff delivered to my mailbox.

I always misplace bookmarks, am getting horrible at remembering website names, worse at saving bookmarks – so getting a regular newsletter from folks I am interested in is nice. They are nice reminders of where I have been, and they usually contain nuggets of info that I manage to gobble up pretty quickly.

So that’s what I want to do for you.

Subscribe to my Irregularly Illustrated Dispatch, and I’ll send you:

  • insights into what I am making (and how)
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  • Recipes
  • Links to words of wisdom, books, music, tv and film.

I promise I won’t flood your mailbox. (These take way too long to make:)

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PS: If you use any mail program that doesn’t like images… please make sure you turn them on for my newsletter:) I do make pictures after all.

PPS: There WILL be cookies. For real.

Ripley the Sailor & the Starfish who was lousy at giving directions

April 23rd, 2013

Ripley the Sailor

Here’s a quick doodle from today – its roots from a doodle I had instagrammed a while back.

I added the starfish to give a reason for Ripley’s weird expression. Think it turned out alright:)

Kinda fun to use the instagrammed monochrome palette.

Casa de Biciclettas

November 5th, 2012

During the summer I designed a logo and poster for my old collegue, Katrine, for her and her husband’s new venture: a Bed and Breakfast for cyclisyts – on Mallorca: Casa de Bicicletas.

Nice. The place looks beautiful!

I took the “House of Cycles” literally- and put a cycle in a house for the logo. Figured it would make it stand out from the other cycle-rentals on the island. They all seem to use clipart cyclists or cranks as logos.

Edit: Sun/Moon

January 4th, 2011

Sometimes some of my illustrative whimsy just doesn’t cut it for the designs we work on.
Like these fellas. I wanted to illustrate AM/PM, but – turns out we have a 24 hour clock. Don’t need AM/PM at all.

So I made this conglomeration –

just to illustrate that it could be either night or day – depends how good you are at reading a 24hr clock;)

So there ya go.

Moleskine Plain Cahier Journals – my new sketchbooks

December 14th, 2010

Over the past few years, I’ve been using Bookbinders Design’s very nice square formatted hardcover sketchbooks. I even got a case for the trio. These were great books. I loved the format, and the hardcover, but the paper didn’t have a great bit of tooth to it, and they weren’t handy for sketching on the go.

Once they were filled with doodles I thought about getting another set, but they are awfully expensive. I had a Moleskine notepad a while ago, which I really liked, very handy – fit right in a jacket pocket – but small for sketching, really. I had been given a lined journal from my sister an even longer time ago – bigger; but lighter paper – not so good for sketching. The size was perfect.

So I opted for a 3 pack of Cahiers – light, portable, nice paper. Slide in a jacket pocket, and I’m good to go. They even have a pocket in back page (I use it for receipts). And they are inconspicuous enough that they don’t fill my tiny desk when i’m not using them!

Moleskine 3 Plain Cahier Journals

Jeremy Clapin

December 14th, 2010

If you like French film, animation, absurdism, and a bit of melancholy to boot. Take a gander at this fine film by Jeremy Clapin

Part 1
Part 2

Parallel Parking

November 18th, 2010

Parallel Parking from Yum Yum London on Vimeo.

This was an oversight. Thought I had posted it somewhere, but it looks like I didn’t. Pretty cute. Apparently the makers made some real-life figurines that have caught my eye…

Pretty cool:)


Ize bin framed! Framed, I say!

October 28th, 2010

I got glasses. Old age, you know. They should make me look distinguished, clever, even. Not sure they do the trick;)

Photo manipulation by Toycamera Analogcolor

House on the Hill

October 18th, 2010

Here’s a oldie I found while going through some backups. It’s a house – on a hill:)

The Beatles – Rockband intro

October 4th, 2010

I won’t ever play the game, but the intro is lovely. (Yes, I realize it’s old now)

See more awesome Quentin Vien animations here