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Spent all last week watching and worrying about my Mum and Sis—and their houses—and the WILDFIRE IN NOVA SCOTIA (the big one down south). (They’re fine)

Getting ready for SUMMER!


Finished watching BARRY; still watching SUCCESSION.

Mesmerized by Japanese Woodworker SHOYAN and Van Neistat’s THE SPIRITED MAN


How about you read my comic Cedar Saps.?

Get your hands on another Hooky Comic Magazine—No.4!

I just finished inking an colouring another book in the DEAD SEA SQUIRRELS SERIES.

Read about some of the books I’ve drawn for my lovely clients —like ARCTURUS PUBLISHING

I’m now writing and drawing my first soon-to-be-published-traditionally book!

I’m thinking how PIMM & GINGER could get in to something new soon.

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