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Hooky 3 Cover

Hooky Comic Magazine No.3

The Perspectives Issue This issue contains short comics about my childhood meeting new people, using mind-control, struggling with creativity and my parents’ divorce. There are also some about later life: being an entrepreneur, neighbours, and a long fictive yarn about…

Hooky Comic Magazine No2.

The Home Issue The Home Issue has two long comics: It dives further into the world of Dwell with Chapter two of this quiet story and Formidable Force—a space oddyssey featuring a motley crew of goofballs picking up space trash.…

Hooky Comic Magazine No.1

THE WILD ISSUE The Wild Issue contains Pimm & Ginger, Dwell, Ol’Smokey, Walden, Scroll Scroll, How to Ride a Bicycle Like a Nice Person, and some prose about the studio and building a shed. 60 Pages full colour Digest size (A5)  

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