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Stories to help you keep going.

They might look cute and funny, but Hooky stories cover heavy topics such as race, gender equality, anarchism, philosophy, music, climate change, divorce, death, home, education and survivalism.

They may also tickle your funny bone.

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In Hooky you will find long and short comics, in full colour. Some wordless, some with words, covering many topics including fear, family, childhood, entrepreneurship, the unknown, time travel and identity swapping. Some stories span multiple issues, some are complete in one.

Prose about building a shed Hooky 2


Letters are bits of prose written to describe handyman projects I’ve planned and completed by myself—usually involving scrap wood, personal stories and thoughts. They are like goofy Op-Eds

Speakwell Reviews Hooky 1


The Speakwell section is filled with very short reviews—filled with nice words—of the movies, books, comics, art and tv that have caught my eye during the making of the magazine.

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The Forseer Issue

This issue includes some fowl cocktails, the further adventures of Pimm & Ginger and some entrepreneurial balloon-heads. Also a bunch of comics from memory.

60 Pages full colour
Digest size (A5)

Hooky 3 Cover

The Perspectives Issue

Short comics about my childhood meeting new people, using mind-control, struggling with creativity and my parents’ divorce. Also: some about later life: being an entrepreneur, neighbours, and a long yarn about ditching the city for life by the coast.

60 Pages full colour
Digest size (A5)

No.2 The Home Issue

The Home Issue has two long comics: Dwell-Chapter Two and Formidable Force—a space oddyssey featuring a motley crew of goofballs picking up space trash. Also, another Speakwell with things I enjoyed and passed along to you.

60 Pages full colour
Digest size (A5)

No.1 The Wild Issue

The Wild Issue contains Pimm & Ginger, Dwell, Ol’Smokey, Walden, Scroll Scroll, How to Ride a Bicycle Like a Nice Person, and some prose about the studio and building a shed.

60 Pages full colour
Digest size (A5)

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